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Strong winds, heavy rains, scorching sun and massive snowfall – your home’s roof takes a beating 365 days a year. 

This year’s spring weather has been particularly damaging to roofs across the upstate New York. Wind storms damaged the roofs of many homes and businesses along upstate NY and of course Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in southern Florida were many are still in the process of recovering.

All of these annual and relentless weather events can leave you with a damaged roof and even cause leaks that can impact your home’s interior. 

What storm damage might look like

Sometimes, the signs of a damaged roof are pretty obvious, like water spots on a ceiling or curled, buckling or missing roof shingles. You may also see broken or damaged roof flashing, wet walls, water issues around your home’s exterior, or winter ice damming. 

What to look for:

  • Shingle condition. Missing shingles are one obvious sign, but pay attention to the granule buildup on your shingles as well as early signs of damage. Hail storms can cause dings and dents in asphalt shingles and should be noted as well. 

  • Missing flashing along the edges of the roof and along skylights, vents, and chimneys. 

  • Loose or pealing sealant along those same penetration points. 

  • Water damage in the attic or along the ceiling.

Other time, the signs aren’t so obvious, which is when it might be time to call in a professional roofing expert. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that homeowners get their roof inspected by a professional twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring.

How to start the process of roof replacement

Once we’ve assessed the damage, the next step to replacing your roof is to process a claim opening. 

After the claim has been opened a Pro will meet with your insurance adjuster (many of who we work with weekly) as help in assessing and pointing out legitimate damage that may be missed. We will always champion your claim with applicable New York State requirements  policy coverage, etc. We are fond of our hashtag, #experiencematters (that you'll see us touting on our facebook page) because we employ our knowledge to facilitate the best results possible. Our Pros are used to being brought in on claims that have not been approved at all or only minimally, only to utilize our process and secure full replacement more often than not. At Royal Roofing, an expert will sit down with you and your family, post approval, to select the perfect roofing materials — from the protective underlayment to the shingles that will cover your whole roof system. 

We’ll also work through many options, discuss warranty packages, and accommodate your schedule to find the perfect day to complete your new roof installation.

What your homeowners insurance covers


Figuring out what your homeowners insurance covers and does not cover can be confusing. 

Homeowners insurance covers your roof in cases where it is damaged for reasons outside of the homeowner’s control – a few examples are fire and vandalism. Your policy will also usually cover damage from extreme weather events or “acts of God” like hurricanes and tornadoes. Similarly, roof damage caused by moderate weather incidents such as hail, wind, and rain are often covered by homeowners insurance.

When filing a claim, it’s important to thoroughly document any damage that occurred. Also, make sure you keep receipts for all work done on the home. Many policies will cover these expenses when submitted with a claim.

However, keep in mind that coverage will often depend on the age of your roof, the area you live in, and may other factors. The easiest way to know what’s covered or what’s not when it comes to storm damage is to contact your insurance provider and go over the specifics of your policy, including what’s covered and what your deductible may (or may not) be. 

What your warranty looks like

When you purchase a new whole roof system, that roof will come with its own warranty. But not all roof warranties are the same. In fact, many homeowners learn the hard way that most roof warranties only cover the cost of materials or just manufacturer or installation defects—not weather-related issues. 

Royal Roofing is one of the roofing warranty leaders in North America. Our Signature Select roofing warranty can cover your roof up to 50 years. The cost of shingles and labor for repairs is 100 percent covered, coverage is not prorated over the course of the premium protection period, and the warranty is transferable to a new homeowner. 

Beware of storm chasers


The last and final point we’ll make about natural disasters is that they can be a magnet for dishonest contractors that come knocking door to door.“Unfortunately, severe storms can bring out the worst in people, especially unscrupulous roofing contractors who scam consumers needing to repair or replace their storm-damaged roofs,” the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety said after Rochester and Naples record-breaking storms in 2017. “These fraudsters will often make false promises, insist on full payment before work begins or is completed. Sometimes, they will even create damage where none existed.” 

Do your due diligence when choosing a roofing contractor. Check with local and state agencies to find out if your anticipated contractor is licensed and qualified to do the work.  Always ask for proof of insurance not just from the company you are contracting with but also the crews they are using to perform the work, if they do not employ workers of their own.

Did a storm leave you with a damaged roof? Give us a call. 

If you need a roof replacement, you need an expert that takes the time to thoroughly inspect your roof and works with your lifestyle and finances. We always perform a 21-point inspection when assessing storm damage and if we feel confident in bringing your claim on board we charge NOTHING for our services rendered! We alway employ a "null and void" clause on all our work orders if the claim is not approved. Don't let a roofer talk you into a contract that is not easily gotten out of if they can not employ their expertise to get your claim approved. After we take a good look at your home, we will work with you to put together the perfect roofing package for you – including our 50-year warranty.

We bring trust and peace of mind to every Royal Roofing roof. Contact Royal Roofing at (585) 732-6024 or (941) 777-0828 or visit us online to get a price, schedule a free, in-home consultation or find answers to any home roofing questions.

Storm Damage

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